Sunday, 11 May 2014

Let's talk about competition shows...

Anyone don't know how to sing? Nope.Everyone could sing. Even some babies were just given birth can sing before they talk!

So most parents now days are more likely to support their child decisions what they wanted to learn.Like ballet,guitar and other new tricks.And mostly also agreed to their child's needs.
But for some parents,like mine.Don't support their decisions.They are still having the thoughts like 'Study accounting or hotel management is better than art stuff,cause u can't get a proper income!' or 'learning those are useless.' But what they don't know is that the generation has changed.To a whole new era.Unlike the old times,there's a lot of superstitions.Which u can hear it till today,like don't touch the broom when it's still Chinese New Year or don't wear black etc...

But I encourage parents to let their kids to stick on their decisions when it comes to what they wanted to be when they grew up. Cause for me,if u stop somebody to go for what they wanted,means u're trying to stop somebody's future and take them down.That's bad.Let's get back to the topic.

And now,dancing...Well most of us who like artsy stuff,like me.More like to dance when no one's watching. Right?Is there a twin like me? JK.
Which dancing is also good,it can improve ur posture and body flexibility.To...u know...avoid injuries like hurting ur back and stuff...Maybe.If I'm not mistaken...

Also,u get to be more professional and get more job oppurtunaties in ur future if u're into dancing.U can watch the shows like Dance Moms or Dancing With The Stars.Well,Dance Moms are more likely the moms kept fighting over with the problems with dancing coach Abbey Lee Miller.
Dancing With The Stars are also competition shows.But it's almost no drama or anything.Just dancing.

And here's a video for those who are interested in dancing,for the youngsters(who know French) and I don't know the song,but I liked the dance more than the song.LOL.JK.
It's a really beautiful dance.Like really!

And ever heard of TheVoice?American Idol and other related shows?They could help u to improve ur vocal voice and stuff to improve ur singing too.Just grab and trace the notes what judges said.

Check this girl,her name's Christina Grimmie.And see her sing on the show!Two of the videos:

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