Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Plans after my exam :D

U guys noticed I've changed my first name again?
Well,new life,new beginning,single again,what's wrong of being a new person who wanted to start all over and change?
I changed my name to Hera. No Diaspro,No Stella,No Scarlett. Just me,Hera. Why I've changed my name to Hera? Everyone knows that Hera is the Greek heaven goddess of marriages.Famously known for her jealousy through Zeus's love for other mortal women.

Like my story,my ex is kinda...how to say...fell in love with also every girl when he sees.So he tries to lied to me.Erm...little like Zeus,but he is far more worse <(O.O)>
And I,like the goddess Hera,felt...yea...h...kinda...Jealous...But still I've managed to talk to him and he still lied to me last time as always.
But we both break up in the end.A little like the greek mythology...So I named myself after her :)

So..after these bull**** of stressful papers of examinations.I'm gonna treat myself better :)
After a loong depressed feeling about the breakup, after the looong stupid examinations, after everything...
I'm gonna give myself a whoollleee new pampering...erm..ideas? LOL


I have not eat properly these weeks.Since I was super busy.And everybody notice I've dropped skinnier alr.
Except me :P
I only ate coffee and biscuits for my lunch and dinner(2 in 1 time).No time and too tired.But never try this.
U gonna ended up like me,easily to feel depressed or even stressed out with low blood pressure.
Kay? :)


I have not been sleeping well in ages...Since studies' pressure is like surrounding me like nuts!Will be sleeping...zzz....

3.Get famous(What?what?Get famous?)

Just trying to get more people to notice me...To get some modeling experience...

4.Read my books :D

I haven't been touching the books I've bought for these examinations...So I'm just gonna read all of em' in 1 week...LOL Maybe 2 weeks?It's three-thick books altogether.Like 7cm if u put em' in 1 stack.


I'm lurking around with internet to find more ideas on how to shoot my Fairytale theme... Maybe the 'Lost' is a good name for it?

6.Celebrate my birthday alone :)
As you know,my family background and my relationships background...I dislike spending my birthday even with my own parents.They just like to destroy someone's birthday...They couldn't even respect me nor any of my decisions.Even for my future...So..I wish to spend my 15 birthday alone,for once and for all.I wanted a peaceful birthday :(

7.Pampering >_<

LOL forget about me blinking like this...My eyes gonna pop if I really do it XD
I mean...facial,massage whatever that is.I wanna chillax..I'm so tired...
Even if I don't look like,but my darkcircles and extremely heavy eyebags can tell.My voice tone too...

8.Hoping my goods will arrive ;)

Well,even scratching the posts are a wrong thing to do.But still,I don't mind,it's my property! XD


My class has a dance for our school donation opening day.Every classes above Form3 are availeble to sign up for the slot to perform.So my classmates decided to sign up for it.and most of us are okay with it.
Haha...wonder how the dance will be...cause the limited is holding hands with the opposite gender.
(Yes,I'm gonna dance with a guy,but it's only dancing right?)
Besides,I haven't dance for hours like 2 months,and my tummy are stating to gather fat alr too :/

10.Friends Gathering :D
One is from my schoolmates,the other is from my primary school gang,I miss them so much.I remembered those days we've spent...So memorable and sweet...
Also,I get to finally,walk around outdoors at shopping malls.I'm stuck in my room for like...everyday...


I missed the times I'm in the kitchen throwing flour :P

12.Catwalk(Wait!What she's trying to do?!)

Not gonna ever.LIKE EVER!! Learn catwalk last minute if I ever booked for a show.
Besides,I look fabu in front of the mirror walking XP


Even though I didn't have art classes during my exam period.But I still missed the colors...I wanna splat colors everywhere!!! Muahhaha XD

14.Working out :D

Some of u won't understand why a student so tired alr still wanna work out...
Nah,I hate studying.But I love working out :D
Maybe my teacher said was true? a person who is big and good at working out but not smart on papers XD

Erm...Okay...it's time for me to continue study...But I'm lazy to... :( Like an uninflated balloon :(

I hate this.But looks like I have to force myself to study.AGAIN!!! ;'(
Hate to be away from my social media profiles but I have to :( bye ya'all!

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