Sunday, 24 August 2014

What to expect as a model

Now almosr everyone knowd that I'm,me,model.There are so much questions that were requested by so many people.My classmates, friends...something like that.

I will answer these questions online as newbies or outsiders won't really know.
Q:I wanted to be a model too.How to?
Ans:Ask someone to take 3 shots of u in a bikini to show clients ur natural image.Clients will look at ur headshots,half bod shot and full bod
 shot to see if u really suit their requirements. Like,for beauty shot,mostly will see ur headshot first,then half bod.Cause u know,makeup is usually for the face.
Then,create a comp card.Using photoshop or similar softwares.If u are thinking to be sign by an agency. Ur company will do one for u.Then don't forget to include ur headshot,at first,then the others can be ur photoshoot's photos.I recommended to update ur comp card every 5 months or less.If u are a student or busy person(like me),update ur compcard as soon as possible after 5 months.

Q:Do models earn$?
Ans:Of course,but it depends on how much will ur client willing to pay you.Mostly models who were signed to an agency earn less than freelancers because the agency need to earn too,so they will give u the amount u should earn and they will keep the rest although u're doing expensive, popular shots.
But freelancers,also have a major problem. Due to that,they maybe earn more.However, however, if they didn't receive any bookings.Dan,dan money to spend...

Ans:Mostly.Good skin,posture,hair,body.U maybe shorter,or your fave wouldn't be exotic or babish  U can still be one but with more limits.Shorter than 5'7 can do commercial shoots.The rest 5'7/5'8 can do fashion,runways,and so much more. Small chance that u will be one like Kate Moss,The Shortest supermodel.
For me,I wanted to change the world.I was being taught with abusive ways by my father.For now,only after 2 years we all will be in the court.I don't like my mom too.There are too much limitations from both of them.Unlike others,having a lovely family.
I am using my weakness,scars as my feature.Cause that will make me special as a plus sizer.

Q:How to maintain ur model body?
Ans:We no need any diets.We just need to burn more calories that we ate by the day.Exercise,minimum 20-30mins for busy people and if can,do it for more than an hour.
Forget abs,achieve slimmer body first.Cause the modeling industry doesn't let models gaining any weight.If u are too,too skinny.They will ask u to gain some weight.
For gaining weight,doesn't mean that going to McDonalds or KFC and other fast food stores,it's by adding more quantity, and lesser exercise,but not too less.

Q:Anything we must avoid to harm ourselves as models?
Ans:Yes,preventing scams.Loads of scams are hunting almost everyone on this planet Earth.Asking u to go naked to be in their agency,meeting them at a place that it doesn't exist and so much more.Protect urself by rejecting them,say no,and don't be greedy for opportunities. Opportunities will come to u at the right place,the right time,or when u least expected.
Never,meet someone related to so-called agencies. Or show em so-called 'show us ur naked bod to be our model.No,just no.

For more request u may comment below to let me know,thank you.

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