Sunday, 17 August 2014

Modeling Tip #2

Ever wonder why some photographers develop bad photos?
Here are some things that I've realized through my experiences:
1.Poor ideas from the photographer.
There are things that u wanted to take note if u wanna check if ur photographer is really experienced. Observe her thoughts and ideas.Some photographers rather picking a RIGHT way,or makeup artists choosing the RIGHT makeup for ur shoot that they think it suits u,without asking u is this "what u want".
This lead us to know that THAT photographer has less experience.
My experience is bought a photoshoot package, wanting a high fashion and a heavy(Smokey) makeup,I also chose the gown for a high fashion shoot.But what I got,is red themed makeup that goes with my champagne gown.I looked like a drug queen,seriously. But the photos turned out to be printed on photopaper,but not with the glossy surface.
Thank god,there is 1,only 1 photo that I can accept to update my portfolio/compcard.The rest of the photos were,damn,ugly.I respect my photographer,makeup artists.But what I don't like is their ideas of "High Fashion"shoots.
(P.S.Never get any cheap packages〔Unless u know the person's taste well〕for ur photoshoots)

If u wanted to save $ for ur shoots,u can learn how to do makeup(Bridal,Punk,Creative,Contour etc) for urself.If u're good,u can even make apparels for ur shoots.That will save ya LOTS.
OR,manage a TPF with a photographer.What is a TPF?A TPF here

2.Next,ur poses.
U can either observe other model's pose if u wanted to play safe.If u dare,and what I always do,make poses that no one ever use before.
Like Tyra Bank's Smize,Tooch etc..
Always check the environment of ur photoshoot place/theme to do the right pose.Never ever do poses like,u're shooting for bridal thingys,but u posed for street style.NO!
Always, check ur outfit,ur makeup,the concept and the lighting for ur shoot.Then pose with the right expression to have great photos.

3.Never ever insult ur makeup artists, stylist photographers..
Very common,very dangerous too.Some people that u insult will reflect em on u.Same as,if u insult ur team,ur team will give ya bad image for ur shoots.
Newspapers has a lot of these.Ex insulted her ex-girlfriend hairdresser. Then he ended with a bald head after his cut from his ex.Which he asked for trimming only.
Never ever do this,and be thankfulcause u're sitting while ur team is standing to mke the right decisions for u.

One more bonus for y'all, never smile too much for ur shoots.If u're a newbie for modeling, always know that sometimes smiling is just faking to make ur photos to look better.Cause mostly clients would like to look at ur proper,without-smiley face to decide if they wanted to book u or not. Cause mostly they like natural face expressions than smileys.
Like u see the models on magazines, don't always smile.

Any of ya made mistakes listed above?
Would like to hear more from ya guys.

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