Saturday, 21 June 2014

Arristo Premium Coffee

While I am wandering around my school,cause I am lazy and have absolutely nothing to do at my class's stall.I found this coffee place are selling coffee and bread for donation to our school.
This is how it looks like doing charity selling in my school:

They are called Arristo Premium Coffee.

They have just begun this business for only 2 months.But guess what?This brand's coffees and caffeines are way way way way way way(Sorry,I'll stop)better than other brands of coffee!
In my opinion, it is so much better than Starbucks,The Coffee Bean and other brands.It's coffee beans are specially selected for pure,fresh consistancy and flavor.

I am enjoying every single sip,I mean drops of the espresso. It is really rich,smooth and unresistable. Even I bought 3 cups of expresso!I can't stand the appeal of the aroma!

Here's the pictures of the latte art espresso I bought:

So cute!

And they are made with love from friendly staffs :D
Not just friendly, but also professionals who are very skilled at coffees.. Every cup is a masterpiece even though the opening of the cup is not big enough for latte art.But they made the impossible, to possible!
And that,Is what I really inspired by them.

I have a video of them making one of my espresso :)
But it was automatically deleted because of the uploading error,however,u guys may feel the concentration and how much they put into each cup of coffee,and "How I finish the coffee" video.But u guys can check out my Facebook page to see them,just go and click Contacts And Online Modeling Portfolio tab and find my Facebook page :)

I would really,like REALLY support them.
I would exchange my coffees to this brand.Trust me guys,u will never turned down if u try one :)

Before I go,here's their namecard:

I would like to thank them for letting me take pictures of the processes. Like,there's not much business people let us to take pics of them.
Thanks for the latte art espresso!They are very delicious!

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