Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Fashion Designing?

I'm just a normal teenage gal who loves fashion.But when I can't resist the aura of fashion..all the seduction, fun,quirky feel just rush into ur mind...
And that's the time u wanted to get ur hands on it.

Another thing is,U can't do it without passion. Even if someone forces u for fashion designing, u won't do it right.

So,I have been interested in Fashion and Modeling since I was very little, the tinie weenie version of me kept trying to pose the same pose as the models done in tv...It was kinda funny when I imagine back of that time...
And as I am a model. But more like a stylist than a model.Cause I manage and make what kinda of shoots I should have in my comp card.And is it good enough to go to the next level of branding myself or not.

Due to a reason that I can't find any sponsors,I decided to make my own collection. As this could also help me to get experience of how fashion designing feels like,and what can I do to boost the look that I wanted it to be.Another bonus is,I will also be the model of my own collection.

Yup,I'm still 15 but I can do whatever good for me that I what. Sky's the limit. Never ever back down by others' words or limits. Always do something more out of your comfort zone that staying safe.

This is so far,the first and ever step I have.But I will make sure that I will really get it done good.Cause I don't wanna waste my time to think very long to do a disaster artwork and my money into it.

My limits is only,and only till this pic only..cause I wouldn't let someone to copy my work or use my name for their work's advantage.

I would make a collection of my works..haven't figure out a name yet..but I will do my best to make it standing out a little.

Have a dream that u wanted to chase and take it?
Three words for ya darlin',GO FOR IT.

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