Sunday, 3 August 2014

Modeling tips

I am not a pro yet.But I have seen so much in the industry alr yet I don't have a lot of experience. I survey a lot of modeling things through the internet,and it's all so wrong.

I decided to post things about modeling.I am gonna post one of it right here,right now before I go to bed.Most common mistake ever.DUCK FACE.(pic below)

It's a cute pose in the late 70's or 80's.But this face,is not for modeling.Ever heard of Leila from ANTM?The model who is super super gorgeous? There's one episode that she was kicked out of the competition, why?Because she did the duck face.The pic is below.

By avoiding this mistake,gain ur confidence. It's true that if u're terrified u'll do this during taking selfies of urself without any notice,or worse,for ur photoshoot for pageants or modeling contests.
Ways to avoid:
1.Conquer ur fear

2.Confidence, confidence, confidence. Work,work,work!

3.Practice daily.
Okay,maybe not daily but mostly,usually,everyday. Ask ur boyfriend or anyone who dares to throw ya in the air and take a pic of urself to check that if u are improving.OR,u can simply use a huge mirror and just take pics of urself when u jump.There are so many ways to practice to avoid this.

Saw a guy who really lives modeling, his idol was Jodilly from ANsTM cycle2,but he took a photo of him with a sarong around his waist and jump.Ola duck face!
Yup,Jodilly did that too,but modeling industries doesn't like this.If worse,they'll kick ya out immediately.

So work it!Stay tune for more!

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