Thursday, 8 May 2014

Celebrity moments...Gala 2014.

Has anyone had a celebrity moment once in our life?
If u ask me,then it's a yes.

There's a time that my dad brought me and my brother to go shopping.Then suddenly,like really suddenly.a reporter popped out right behind my back.And asked me the event of the Aeon Recycle day.Then I just simply answer the questions.Cause u never know if u're saying the right words.And I've used the contents that my primary school teacher taught us to write an essay called 'Recycle Day'.

But!When the newspapers came out.It's totally different from what I've said to her.Like totally different!!
And my face...u can't imagine how reporters took pics of not completely u,but the uglier you...OMG!

Wanna see a David Beckham epic moment?
Check him out from kicking a football into the bins,like far,VERY FAR.

Post by Tintu-Mon.

Ever heard the Gala event 2014 lately?I'm gonna share some celebs' outfit.Like Lupita,we all know that she wore a beautiful blue flowy dress from Prada to the Oscars 2014.However! See what she wore to the Gala event:

Like...really?Wrapping urself with a fishnet with green feathers? Worst dressed for the Gala event!

Then check out what Taylor Swift wore:

And what Selena Gomez wore:

Both looking fierce and guess what? They uploaded a video dancing just right before the event,see video here:


Have u guys seen Adam Levine went blonde?Here's a pic of him going blonde.

It's a yes,or a no no?

Looking great Adam..And Justin Biebs was spotted on the beach with a model,called Yovanna Ventura recently.What is he trying to do?He even put his hand on her legs!

What is he trying to do?Cheat on Selena again?I don't know.

But it maybe in the same situation I had before,my ex lying to me that he's not cheating on me.

Well,back to the Galas.
Then who's best dressed? Not sure.But it looks like Karolina Kurkova will surely win the spot!

Or,possibly,Kendall Jenner from the Kardashians would take on the place?

She's wearing the dress from Topshop.

Or Chinese supermodel Liu Wen?

Wearing Zac Posen.Looking good!

BTW,guess what Rihanna wore to the MetGala?

Not really a dress.But she really can rock chic fashion to red carpet fashion!
Even,wrap her around with a recycle bag,she'll rock with a couture like dress.
Simply a celeb can rock with anything boo to woooohhh...

Well,my favourite from the Gala 2014 is ...Blake Lively! 

Like a greek goddess,simply elegant and sexy!

Hmm..what do you guys think of the Gala event 2014?Yay or nay?

Gotta continue study.It's gonna be chemistry and malay tomorrow...

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