Monday, 21 April 2014

Modeling World...

So..everybody either laugh at me or not fit to said for to be a wannabe model...
Well,the truth is,there is a market for models like me,but taller...Overseas..Not in Malaysia...
Like Robyn Lawley <3 And others too :D Like Yvoone from ANTM and Melissa from AsNTM too ;)

Wait,what!? Where I got this photo of Robyn Lawley?Well,I googled it XP

It's just that Malaysia is lack of 'plus size' modelling...
To be or not to believe,I was scouted by :) But rejected due to personal issues.

But!There one thing that I don't know,is that we maybe bigger bone structured... But why we needed to be called 'plus size models'?
They need to know,a models' life will affect younger girls to have problems...such as having eating disorders,done too much exercise to get size 0 and even lost the balance of their nutrition in their blood..(Like me).
Like model Isabelle Caro.Check this link to see what the models looks like:

And if u don't really see the models on the runway are skinny like these.It's because they are slower.But in the end they're gonna end up like that.

So,I was gonna change the situation in Malaysia...As u know,Malaysia is lack of plus size modelling...Don't know why.But I think it's better to have plus sizers in the modelling industry.But they need to know how to choose the best of the best. Cause plus size models have to be more special than normal features that skinny models have.Such as face structure and so on..Just like Robyn Lawley did :)
I was planning to go on castings after my exams...Cause people like me are hungry,like ultra HUNGRYAAAHHHH! (Hungry XP) for a contract now.

So..girls...u need to know.Some models have skinny and perfect skin,hair or what-so-ever things that made u to adore them.ARE BEING PHOTOSHOPPED AND RETOUCH!
If they aren't being retouched or being put on makeup,they could be done some surgeries or even lasers to remove the imperfection.The popular area that most models would done these are their armpits.No kidding.
Check these link,is from a Versace ad of Lady Gaga and VS angel Candice,untouched photos leaked :


Lady Gaga's one is leaked recently,like a week ago:

But! If u wanna be beautiful like the models that inspire u to lose weight.The most simple one is exercise regularly or a little bit more...Put 20-30 minutes for working out everyday,like me.
Like Britney Spears's song-Work Bitch.If u wanna wear a bikini,u gonna work bitch.Well,not saying u're a bitch.But actually u wanna put many effort to it.
But if u're bigger boned structured like me and Robyn Lawley.U can't go any skinnier alr.I don't mean people have the same bodies that I have are big boned.U have to know if u're fat or skinny first.And if u do,u'll have health issues.Like me.

But like cooking,u can't put too much things to ur food.Like too much salt or chilly.It'll end up salty or too spicy. Same as the things we are doing everyday too.We can't overdo anything. So u gonna plan a schedule.Like really a schedule,either in ur head or on a paper.Then u must follow it no matter how busy u are. Cause like the rest said,if u stopped it for a day.U'll ended up getting NOTHING.

See the Angels on Victoria Secret Fashion Show?Well,angel Adriana leaked how the angels got the 'angelic bodies' to be perfect for modelling and everyday.Not sure where the link is alr,but it's true.Something about their food and everyday plans from the modelling industry for being a model.Shocking.But lost the link.
Well,u still can enjoy the latest VS Fashion Show 2013 here:

It's an exciting and epic show...I really love VS shows...

And Gisele Bundchen don't have any comb in her house or bag? But she still kept the healthy hair?
Read this for info(This is in Chinese):

And,really.If u wanna be a model.U have to think if u can walk this unstable road or not.Cause being a model isn't easy.U may think it's easy with the covers of the magazines,and the fame,the fortune of being a model.But it isn't like this.Like being in my first paid photo shoot at a studio.and I was taking the photo shoot outdoors.Some Malay just screamed at me saying the word 'Babi'.Which is pig in Malay.
Also,there were visitors and even other people who will take photos of u when u're shooting.I am guaranteed that u will be ultra nervous.U'll get complains and harassment,and maybe,just maybe very little compliments about how u look and how u pose or act.It's a very hard job and experience.

U have to deal with numerous issues like this.Are u strong enough to be one? I don't think so.U may say u can,but in the end.U can't.Cause it's very disturbing.And can say..erm..kinda an ugly-truth job...
Not saying that u can't be a model.It's just that being a model,sometimes will costs ur life.Are u willing to give up on urself for this?U have to think like trillion times...To get the answer.

To be honest,ALMOST everything is fake.I'm opening the truth about the modelling industry to everyone to let u guys know what does the Fashion market and industry look like...
Cause I'm honest!(And direct) :P
Well,maybe too honest (Or direct) XP

So.Any questions about modelling or anything u wanna ask.U can message me. :) I'm open to any questions except for some that can't be asked for a human.

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